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Got my 1st CW rig

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Nabbed an eBay bargain I think - £207 for a mint mountain topper mtr4b, a new palm paddle, SOTABeams mountain tuner, qrp guys tuner kit, mini speaker, 20m SOTABeams efhw 20m antenna and a 7m SOTABEAMS pole..... phew... and after all that, he threw in a wonder wand tuner and telescopic antenna.  Chuffed to bits.... the guy lost interest and wanted rid of it all.

The radio is a lot smaller than it looks in the photos and easy to use..... Iím still learning the code so more of a push now to get on and have a 1st qso.

That sounds like an awesome nab. If youíre like me, youíll be nervous as hell on that first CW QSO but the rush will be well worth it.

That's a real bargain, well done.

Lucky I didn't see it before you!

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I am OFFICIALLY jealous!  Really though, that is a superb bargain and the MTR of any variety is a superb CW rig, especially with your extras in the bargain. Once 'bitten' by the simnple and robust effectiveness of CW, you'll be hooked. This is a station that you can EASILY take with you on outings.

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