How to talk between 2 Ham radios without repeater?

Started by wideawake1, September 04, 2012, 03:51:28 pm

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I have a yeasu vx-5 radio I just picked up and wanted to know how to talk between 2 hand held radios when no repeater is available.



That is called "Simplex." You simply monitor or call on the 2m simplex calling frequency: 146.520. That would be a good start  ;)
JUst say your call sign follow by "listening." Soon or later (probably later), someone will take you up on it...

Simplex should be and was the norm until repeaters came out like mushrooms after the rain.



So if I have 2 handhelds, I can just set them both to 146.520 and be able to talk to each other on this frequency?  Is this true for any simplex frequency?

Thanks for ther help.



I should add that all frequencies can be used simplex, which means that both Hams transmit and receive on the same frequency. When using a repeater, the transmit frequency is usually off by 600kHz, either above or below the receive frequency. Many repeaters also require a tone to trigger them, which you must program into your radio. Simplex used to be the standard before the advent of repeaters on VHF and UHF. It is still the standard on HF.


Jim Boswell

146.52 in the national simplex call frequency. Sometimes like at a Hamfest or convention too many hams will try to use that frequency. Many times I use 146.55 as a simplex frequency. Hope that helps you out.
73'S  KA5SIW


Check the ARRL for simplex frequency. I assume you have a license.