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All-band HF direct conversion transceiver QRPver DC-3001 Minion Mini



This $350 transceiver from Odessa in Ukraine looks very interesting and affordable to me.

"This is a small-size 10 band short-wave QRP transceiver."
"The transceiver has small dimensions of 100x103x30 mm. and a light weight of 430 grams. It will suit both for work on the field trip, on nature, at the dacha .... So for everyday work, at home."
"Power supply voltage: 9-14.8V (Rated supply voltage 13.8V)".
"Consumed current in the "RX" receiving mode and 25% loudness: ~ 120mA. At 100% loudness: up to  ~ 250mA."

They say nothing about batteries so what would be an optimal battery taking this set for hiking in the mountains?

Also, any comment, such as user experience, will be valuable to me.

Edit: Removed 'the' before Ukraine:

Hello. I have been thinking about buying one... I heard there is a slight harmonics problem but aside from that they are great. I would use three 18650 cells, or four if it can take the extra voltage... If the QSX kit wasn't coming out, presumably soon, I might have bought one already.



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