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Fldigi crashes upon upgrade in Windows 7 (possibly other versions)

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First, credit for this goes to Steve KB6HOH.
Second, I found this having to locate a 2-yr old eham post but it keeps happening, and people keep searching for it, so figured I'd post it here for posterity in case it happens 'cause it can be frustrating.
Third, I spelled Windoze correctly in the title because it may feed someone's search.

Folks use Fldigi for various things; some may use it here. It may work great, right up until you download the latest & greatest version with its executable installer. What often happens is this:

* You run the install & it runs error-free.
* You fire up Fldigi and the initial screen starts & is immediately followed by a warning that the Fast Light Modem has stopped working, with the usual options to ask Windows to search for a solution on the net (it won't find one), or close the program. Repeat, rinse, repeat.
Here's what worked and ONLY do this IF the upgrade did the above to you:

* Run the uninstall and uninstall Fldigi. NOTE: The uninstall doesn't clean up all the files; that's what the fix is for.
* Go to the directory ('folder' for you kids) that is your User Profile, probably has something like your name or initials or whatever you gave it when the OS installed, probably on your C drive.
* Under your User Profile find the directory called fldigi.files.
* Next locate and RENAME the following files:
fldigi_def.xml to old_fldigi_def.xml
- and -
fldigi.prefs to old_fldigi.prefs
* I also recommend going to C:\Program Data\ and delete the sub-directory called and the single file that is likely in it.
* Rerun the installer you downloaded.
* Reboot
* Re-run Fldigi and re-populate your stuff.
If it doesn't work, well, sorry, I tried.
Good luck, YMMV, and all that rot.
Warranties are for pansies.


Niiiiiiiice, man. Stolen. ROFLMAO.
(There's a reason they call it Windoze.)

My Linux is still running great; just trying to help the peasants, dontcha know.

Oh yeah!? Well I use a Mac and I have to reboot about as often as I get................ hey wait a minute here!! ;D

Actually - the posting about uprevs of FLdigi dropping dead is much appreciated.  I have FLdigi on my PC's ,because I like to snoop around.  I can run the KX3 in digital, both from the organic PSK31/RTTY built into it and by FLdigi. 

>>>  the prime reason why I sold a computer controlled transceiver with no front panel, but it's total dependence upon a computer. Yes, a radio might fail, but the PC running Windoze has generated mant problem for me, both random narcolepsy that is organic to Windoze and the problem of their automatically calling the mother ship fo the latest 'upgrades' which HAVE caused me to loose function on some of the odd comms software that I like to run. So far, the KX3 being an 'SDR with a front panel' is working supremely well.

>de RadioRay ..._ ._


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