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Best CB radio for inside a jeep

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For straight up vehicle to vehicle communication what is the best well rounded cb radio? Of course want it to have NOAA. I will be several 100 miles off road with several vehicles. We need to get a cbs before we head out.

Thanks guys and gals!

In all honesty there's not much difference in any of them performance wise, they're all relatively cheap with similar limitations inherent in their design. My advice would be to just pick whichever one has the features you desire and fits best in the vehicle.

I'll second that. Most radios are similar in performance with a difference in features offered. You will want to make sure your antenna is the strongest part of the communications package (this applies to any radio you use). If you are off roading in wooded areas then you'll need to protect the antenna from damage. I know there are limits to where you can mount an antenna on a Jeep and you'll need to keep in mind that you will need to supply it a good ground for best performance and impedance matching (SWR). Use of a mag mount is possible by mounting it on the hood.

Firestik antennas are popular and there are special mounts for Jeeps on Amazon:

A lot of people like the Little Wilson mag mount:

And I know a lot of off roaders who like the Midland 75-822 because it can also be easily converted into a hand held unit. This can be handy if you are out of the truck and are guiding someone through tricky terrain:

One irritation with some of the low cost mobile CBs is that when you have them hooked up to accessory power and turn off the key some will lose the last channel it was set to.  I have one in my FJ Cruiser that is doing that and it is on the "to be replaced" list. :)

Also, NOAA weather reception will not be terrific because the radio will be using an antenna tuned to CB frequencies (27 MHz) and not VHF (162 MHz).

- Rob

I like my Galaxy DX979:,5.msg5.html#msg5 because it has SSB, which I highly recommend you get, and a large S-meter. SSB (USB and LSB) are must-have modes on a CB radio.

An excellent antenna is what you want to spend money on...


Many radios tend to offer a WX receive ability. And it seems that many people end up not using WX ability for some reason or another. I am one of those people.

My recommendation would be to get a weather radio separate from your CB, etc. Many will do S.A.M.E which may be convenient. It will be portable and can travel with you when the Jeep is not present. My daily driver has my radios. The vehicle (4Runner) my wife drives has no radios (hopefully I'll remedy that). It is used to pull the camper. While camping I still have my WX receiver even if I don't have my other radios.

Best regards,


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