Penetration of Car Windshields, doors and etc - Various Calibers

Started by RadioRay, June 19, 2014, 02:40:33 pm

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OK -

This being the tactical section, here is a site I found where the question came-up about 'how much "gun" do you need' to penetrate windshields, car doors and etc? My answer for everything is an air strike, but since I'm a little lite on authority to call one in right now, let's see in this video what is available for Joe citizen and the results on a big, heavy Buick.  I haven't seen shooting like that, since my ex-wife and I met at the marriage councilor!

////Bet it would have worked BETTER if I had not formatted it as an image file...///

Now if I can just find the .50 Barret Lite 50 versus running lawnmower clip!

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Ray, just remember, when calling in a fire mission always add the words "Request all available!". 

Say thank you to the gun bunnies with the words, "Circular error of probability, zero.  Impact with high order detonation!  Have a nice day!  :)"