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  1. FT8 digital comms mode
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  5. Digital Modes for Prepping.
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  8. My new homebrew "DigiComm" interface using a USB port and VOX PTT
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  19. WA4STO - grounding solution
  20. RTTY contest
  21. Building your own digital network
  22. HSMM-MESH wins award
  23. Sometimes it still surprises me
  24. 3846.9 mi PSK31 on .1 Watt !
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  29. Info from the hinterlands
  30. PREPNET testing has begun -- you can participate
  31. Are digital modes practical for prepping?
  32. Signalink USB noise issues.
  33. PSK31 7K miles
  34. Signalink USB and WINMOR as a mode
  35. How is WINMOR / WL2K Forwarding accomplished?
  36. Winmor, Winlink with my KX3?
  37. Winmor speeds and thruput
  38. The JT65 Digital Mode