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  1. Pro and Con of Various QRP Rigs as survival radios
  2. Modding MTR4b for 13.8 volts..... possible ?
  3. The Weber Soda Pop Morse Code Radio, Boxing Up & Contacts.
  4. Its never been cheaper to get into Ham Radio! 3 to 30Mhz Xcvr for $109 US
  5. Armored BitX40.
  6. Digital modes for preparedness
  7. New QRP Labs 5W CW Transceiver Kit.
  8. New Steve Weber Project.
  9. QRPGuys Morse Code Paddle Kit Build.
  10. I finished my Weber Soda Pop!
  11. The $4 Chinese Pixie Transceiver.
  12. The Resurrection of the Small Wonder Labs SW+ Radio.
  13. Transmitting a wired telecom
  14. Building an EFHW (End Fed Half Wave) Antenna Coupler
  15. Simple 5 band antenna and L network tuner
  16. The EA3GCY MFT-40 DSB Transceiver Kit.
  17. The $11 Frog Sounds CW Transceiver.
  18. General Coverage Survival Receiver
  19. Easy Dummy Load Project.
  20. How to solder aluminium rods?
  21. Building The MEF-1 Half-Wave End-Fed Antenna Tuner.
  22. 1-Watter Small Morse Code Radio Build.
  23. Surface-mount components and toroid winding.
  24. mcHF QRP Tranciever
  25. Weber Soda Pop monoband CW transceiver.
  26. The $11 Frog Sounds Chinese Radio Transceiver.
  27. Astatic 611L Microphone For The KX2.
  28. Found my first kit radio: 42 year old 5-Tube AM
  29. MOVED: Portable battery capacity spread sheet
  30. MOVED: Battery buffer to power supply?
  31. MOVED: Building a 40 Ah Battery Box
  32. MOVED: Free power!!
  33. MOVED: World Record Solar Cell With 44.7% Efficiency.
  34. MOVED: Re: Show us your Solar Power System.
  35. MOVED: How do I equalize my batteries?
  36. MOVED: Homebrew Solar Panel
  37. MOVED: Solar Charge Controller.
  38. MOVED: I'm smart enough to want solar, but too dumb to put it together...
  39. MOVED: Choetec Solar Panels Half Price on Amazon
  40. MOVED: UltraPack DIY External Battery Pack for Field Comms
  41. MOVED: Disappointed with LIPO batteries.
  42. MOVED: Going "Lipo!"
  43. MOVED: Best brand of LIPO batteries?
  44. MTR Protector, 3D Printed
  45. Homebrew Key, Iambic Padles Using Saw Blades.
  46. GO- Box for the yeasu 450d radio
  47. Mini Paddle Kits from QRPGuys
  48. Real Radio & Before there was SOTA, There was W7ZOI & Friends
  49. The ILERTENNA End-Fed Tuner.
  50. Good deal on RG-174