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Sending Encrypted Messages in Morse Code.

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--- Quote ---K7KEV  I like "hidden in plain sight"  CW
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Yep, Morse code , I'm for it 100%. Taking a CWOps class right now to up my speed.. I think I'm at about 15wpm, starting to head-copy. I like the privacy Morse code affords, be it on the radio, with a flashlight, or poking someone's arm! Few people who are not Hams, ex military, or merchant marine (from a while back) can decode it or know to download Fldigi and let their computer do it. And there is of course the one-time-pad. Actually, since I am waiting for my first arduino board, I am thinking a true random number generator would be a good starting project to learn the programming interface! I could just use wind input... Send the result directly to a printer maybe.. But that's a bit more involved.. Will I ever use a one-time-pad? I doubt it.. Just like many other archaic skills I've picked up in my life. Morse code however I know will always be useful!


Hey -

I think I saw this in an old movie once.

Pencil , single sheet of paper on a glass table top (no impressions to read) and your one-time-pad.  Write your tableau from memory - it provides no security anyway.  Generate your message, burn the pad used for the message and the portion of your paper with WITH the cleartext plus pad on it and 'wash' it's ashes between your hands under the tap until it leaves as dark water - not chunks.  The unseen fine screen the VB snitch "maid" checks in your plumbing when you're at work will catch chunks of cypher material and convict you, assuming you're under suspicion and everyone is under suspicion.  You didn't forget, and leave your remaining collection of 'pads' out for the 'maid' to see - did you?

Now - all that you have is a cipher message that even YOU are not now able to decipher.  "Rubber-Hose Cryptanalysis" will not work in this case because it is impossible to remember 50 groups of random letters/numbers, there is no known mathematical attack either. Because this message is time sensitive, you cannot use one of the dead drops, so it must go by radio. That is why the only remaining key is at your Mother station, safely across the border.

Go to today's transmission location, load your message twice into the burster, destroy the paper message original, then transmit it as an incredibly SHORT "burst" by protocol. PS. If you're working for the East during this long gone era, you'll need 35mm film, old style cellulose is best - Komrade!

Let your team take care of hiding the hardware for it's next use - you won't be back.  Follow your protocol for hiding the set in a way & place not easily connected with you. You'll have other sets that you rotate through also. One is none & Two is ONE, they told you. Each transmission is, seemingly random and is indeed from from a different site. Exit the area looking like everyone else on the street, this is much more difficult if you work for cheap-skates who sent you in alone and you've been digging a hide for the radio - wearing normal clothes.

Later that night and during the week, listen for your call-up on the blind transmission broadcast you receive with the common, 'People's Radio' allowed in your target country - no special equipment to make you look suspicious.  Use headphones, so the audio is not heard... You don't want to disturb the neighbors; good manners, and all, but you still want confirmation that Mother received and understood your message and what to do next. Eh, wot?

That was old school.  I am certain that there's no use for it today, what, with microprocessors in everything, all interconnected across the globe making everything so much easier - right?  No use at all. Then again, there can be no back door subroutine to contaminate everything that came in contact with your pencil. . .

de RadioRay ..._ ._

You are slightly twisted, Ray, but I luv ya.

Thanks ArchAngel - Too many years with my headphones screwed on too tight.

Thanks for being part of the walk down the sanitized part of memory lane. That other part we can talk about when we meet on the other side.

>de RadioRay ..._ ._

Slightly simpler would be to use a number-based key instead of a letter-based key.  In the example, instead of taking GEXOJ and converting it to numbers each time you want to encode/decode, just use 6-4-23-14-9 as the key.

Also, you could just repeat the key for longer messages.  So the key for "hello world" would be 6-4-23-14-9-6-4-23-14-9.  Sure, if it is used enough, that increases the possibility of decryption, but it certainly won't be easy.

Other things you could do would be to have words in the open that give an indication of the key used.  For example, "day of infamy" could be put out in the open and whoever is receiving would have to know that is Pearl Harbor Day (Dec 7, 1941) and how to format the date (i.e. 12-7-19-41, 19-41-12-7, or 1-2-7-1-9-4-1, etc.) to be used for decryption.  That makes decryption easier for someone to figure out, but still not easy and if you use a non-"normal" date/whatever (i.e. day your dog died), it makes it even tougher.  But part of the point of this is to be able to change keys easily on the fly as long as the basic rules are set up in advance.

Isn't encryption fun!


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