Stealth Magloop Chameleon F-LOOP Remotely Controlled

Started by OliverWatt, August 20, 2016, 04:54:24 pm

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Survival Tech Nord just released a NEW video:

Stealth Magloop Chameleon F-LOOP Remotely Controlled

- Oliver


Expensive, but sweet little deal there with the remote rotator as well as remote tuning.   I like it!


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OoooH!  STN definitely has the coolest toys, and more importantly, he's able to demonstrate and evaluate a product well. This magnetic loop up-rev solves the main inconvenience (to me ) of the magnetic loop antenna: having to keep it in arms' reach for tuning and orientation. For operating clandestine in a built-up area, the loop has several advantages, besides it's high efficiency in a very small size, noise nulling is an amazing benefit which I use regularly. These up-revs to their loop to tune and null a primary noise source remotely with the antenna entirely out of site: superb!

I live in an HOA community that has highly restrictive HOA with a nosy neighbor woman and a total band on 'ham radio antennas'. It took some work have an effective HF signal, out of sight from this little ferret neighbor woman.

A very basic, homebrew magnetic loop has made it possible to be on HF with a surprising good signal and lower than average noise on receive. Having used one daily for quite a long time,  I like these up-revs for the mag-loop ; I like them a lot. Obviously, the right kind of analysis was done to REALLY improve it's practical operation, and remember kids - it all folds down into a non-nondescript bag.  How cool is that?!

Thanks for making this excellent video review.

73 de RadioRay ..._  ._

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I'm glad I live in the sticks because cows don't mind how much wire you string up as long as its high enough for them to walk under.  But if I didn't I would use a magnetic loop for sure, I've got a couple I built and they work super even when sitting close to the ground !  Even got plans to motorize one of them for remote tuning !


I built one but never used it much.  I need to dust it off.  My house has become ridiculously noisy (like S-7 to S-8 on 20m).


Quote from: cockpitbob on August 24, 2016, 09:02:43 am
I built one but never used it much.  I need to dust it off.  My house has become ridiculously noisy (like S-7 to S-8 on 20m).

After I told a friend of mine about building mine, he started reading about them on the web and built one himself.  Then with it hanging from the rafters in his basement (underground) workshop, he worked a bunch of DX with it running only 50 watts !  He calls me on the phone and tells me he is working DX with his newly built toy, and I tell him I didn't doubt it and that's when he tells me that it was underground when he did it - that blew me away !


My magnetic loop was the only antenna I could use with my Rock-Mite 40. Otherwise I had to listen to music along the Morse. The very narrow bandwidth can be an advantage. Best size IMHO is probably around a 17-19ft perimeter.



That Chameleon loop might be pricey but I think is worth it. Currently trying to see if I can build one but to handle a bit more power...if the price is right, it might become a reality....


QuoteCurrently trying to see if I can build one but to handle a bit more power...

Welcome to the forum Xicaque. You can easily build an octagonal one out of copper tubing used for plumbing. I would argue that you don't need more power, but the solution to that is to get a high voltage vacuum variable capacitor. You can find them on Ebay, sold from Eastern Europe for around $120.

BTW see:,180.0.html

I want to build a new one, about 18ft in diameter. The one I built in the above link was just slightly too long for 20m but worked wonders for 30 and 40m.

Not wanting to steal Julian's thread though... I like the F-Loop, especially with the aluminum ring. It is very portable and looks pretty rugged. I wish Carl would send me one for review... Maybe once the YouTube channel gets a few thousand subscribers...