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Started by htfiremedic, September 04, 2016, 05:01:23 pm

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Hey y'all, I figured that I would introduce myself, I'm KF4TDL, Steve from SC

The old guy


Welcome aboard Steve.  You've found a quiet little community, but full of good quality people. 

Looks like the hurricane veered out to sea pretty well.  You guys in SC have any issues from the rain?


Welcome to the forum Steve. As Bob pointed out it's sometimes pretty quiet around here, probably more so now during the summer months when everyone is busy with outdoor activities, but rest assured we're here.
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Welcome Steve, you're coming aboard at the right time. As summer winds down we all spend a little more time in the shack things will pick up around here. But that being said we all check in on a regular bases. So if you have questions or need help post it up!

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