Riots on the Radio - Why Contesters Should Be Punished

Started by RadioRay, September 24, 2016, 03:32:43 pm

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September 24, 2016, 03:32:43 pm Last Edit: September 24, 2016, 04:04:14 pm by RadioRay
When I become Emperor of Earth, contesters will be sold into slavery and punished through forced labor for turning the amateur radio service into a wasteland. Right now we have a couple of different contests raging: some computer RTTY contest covering from 14135 USB down ward to -essentially- the edge of the Extra class portion: ditto on forty meters.  There is  automated CW contesting going on in the very small slice of "CW only" too. "599 TU" is NOT communication and I heard a brilliant suggestion the other day: anyone not passing a code test should not have access to the CW bands. It makes sense and would eliminate the pre-loaded macros, used for automated contesting.

Now - if a person wanted to have an impressive contest:

1. Rigs and antennas must be self-built from the same EXACT KIT as all other contesters
1.1 the kits are all opened 24 hours prior to contest time.
1.2 Next contest means building another kit.
1.3 No use of the same kit for more than one contest.
1.4 For CW contesting , this is the kit I decree must be used:

2. Straight-key,'pencil and paper for any logging of traffic.

3. A confirmed exchange must be a 25 group message ( enciphered ) and if the controller of the contest cannot decipher the message, the offending contestermis sold into slavery for a period of seven years.  This will ensure proper concentration. ;-)

4. All contest equipment must be self-powered: pedal , arm crank, repurposed treadle sewing machines ) I actually did this once :-). Etc.

5. Voice contests ARE allowed. However, all contestants must use THIS transmitter:

I ( as Emperor of Earth ) graciously allow contesters to use commercially made pencils and paper for their logging of message traffic.

So it is written; so let it be done !

His Imperial Majesty,

The Emperor RadioRay ..._  ._

"When we cannot do the good we would, we must be ready to do the good we can."  ~ Matthew Henry


Excellent. They also should make their own tubes, like all of us Frenchmen:


September 24, 2016, 05:26:15 pm #2 Last Edit: September 24, 2016, 07:44:30 pm by RadioRay
Oh and I LOVE and respect this sort of craftsmanship! Especially nice that he makes a regenerative receiver and a CW transmitter using one of his own tubes :-)
"When we cannot do the good we would, we must be ready to do the good we can."  ~ Matthew Henry


Definitely the kind of guy you'd want to rebuild society. Lots of his tools look home made too.. I hope this kind of knowledge doesn't disappear..



Very interesting to watch! Hopefully those old methods don't die out before the rebuilding.


Gil, from your video of the guy making his own tubes, I ended up on this video:

The colors this tube makes, starting around 4:50 and going to around 8:10, are just beautiful. Thanks for the funny videos, Ray.
So long, and thanks for all the fish