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Gun Show Amateur Radio Demo.

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Jim Boswell:
Hello, wish me luck, this weekend I am going to try a amateur radio demo at the gun show in Socorro NM. I will use my Icom IC-7200 and work 20 meters SSB. I will also have a 2mt. station. I plan to have a sign-in sheet to see if there is interest in a amateur biltz class after the holidays. I will try to get some photos, and post them if I can figure how. 73'S  KA5SIW

Don't forget to mention!

Good luck with that.  Should be fun.  Gun folk tend to think about prepping so I expect you'll attract a fair crowd.

I have been selling my tactical gear at gun shows for a year now, and one of the items I make and sell are radio pouches. Most hunters and shooters know they need something more communication wise because cell phones don't always work, but don't know what to do to fill the gap. So I tell them how and where to get license, and to check out our little spot here.

Good luck with the show, you'll have a blast!

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Jim Boswell:
Hello, well I did it. I made 15 contacts working 7 states. For the most part nobody cared. A few old vets thanked me for passing traffic back during the Vietnam war.


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