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Author Topic: End of 2016 Plans.  (Read 1348 times)


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End of 2016 Plans.
« on: December 11, 2016, 08:18:07 PM »
Hello, and though it's still early, a merry Christmas to everyone :)

I thought I'd post a short list of the things I will be working on and that you might expect to see either posted or in videos soon...

  • Finish the 1-Watter 80. Darn thing receives fine but does not transmit.
  • I have an Elecraft T1 tuner kit on order, expect a review and comparison to the ZM-2.
  • I actually ordered a Chinese Pixie kit for $4, we'll see how bad this thing is.
  • In the mail, 135ft of #534 wire from The Wireman, 17ft of ladder line and 67ft of #532 wire (back-ordered). I will get a 40-80m tuner from SotaBeams, also make a W3EDP when the #532 wire gets here.
  • Make the 5Ah LIPO battery for my RT-320 using the 1Ah metal case.
  • To get: WSPRlite gizmo from SotaBeams for antenna testing.
  • Finish my UHF 7-element Quad.
  • Test the Chameleon MPAS system with the T1.
  • Test the W3EDP with my PRC-320 and the T1.
  • I need to operate outside more often even though it's cold... Get better clothing!
  • Get back to 20wpm Morse code head-copy! (more like 15wpm now) :o

I am probably forgetting a couple things, so check later if you are curious, I'll update the list... The T1 kit is my Christmas gift to myself. I chose it instead of the KX2 internal tuner so that I could use it with other radios, even the RT-320 since it will take the 30W output. Having an external tuner also allows putting the tuner at the antenna which greatly reduces cable losses. I am really looking forward to testing the W3EDP and 135ft end-fed for 80m. The W3EDP test will have to wait for February unless I use some other temporary 67ft wire for testing.

And that should be it for this year!


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End of 2016 Plans.
« on: December 11, 2016, 08:18:07 PM »