MTR4b, Wait! What?

Started by gil, December 16, 2016, 12:25:18 pm

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Just Received from LNR Precision:

QuoteWe will also be releasing an MTR-4b in the coming weeks so please check our website for details on it.

Wow! I hope it's a 20/30/40/80m version, otherwise we might as well get a 5b.



More info from LMR Precision:

QuoteRight, it is 80/40/30/20 meters machined enclosure! Will have pictures and specs soon.

This hobby is going to ruin me :o



It is definitely a great time to be a ham.


Some info from Steve Weber:

QuoteThe MTR 4B comes with 80/40/30/20.  With the decline in sunspots (were there any this cycle?) continuing to have 17 and 15 seems pointless and there is demand for 80 from Europe.  The 5B will continue to be available, but will likely be discontinued at some point in the future.

The major difference between the 5B and 4B are the band switches, the 4B uses 4 position switches instead of two, three position switches. The board sizes are identical, as is the circuitry and functions.

Feedback from 5B users was that the display is a bit hard to read, especially since I accidently specified blue back lighting for the display used in the LNR offering.

So, the new 4B (and the next batch of 5B's) use a 2 line X 16 display (but same size window) with white backlighting so it's easier to read.

And no, you can't change the original graphics display for the new 2x16 display due to different pin out and # of pins.

Finally, the 4B enclosure is CNC milled out of a block of aluminum. I haven't seen one yet though.

73, Steve KD1JV