Chinese hf radio

Started by Bigguy49, July 30, 2017, 06:31:09 pm

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I just acquired a fx9 radio it's a 10 band hf rig I am wondering if anyone else has one and would maybe like to start a net or a chat 

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I have the FX-4A from the same guy and it is my favorite radio. I have thought about picking up a FX-9A. I have appealed to BG2FX, (the guy who designed and sells them), for schematics and firmware information about those radios, and he told me NO! because he is afraid people will copy his design, but he wont upgrade the firmware to fix minor problems, so I have held off buying another radio from him. I sure like mine though.



I am having fun on the air with mine

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I do wish that the designer/builder would consider that the owners of his design would like firmware updates and heaven forbid repairs ,let's face it bad things do happen to our fun toys ( as the yl keeps saying " the only difference between Men and boys is the price of our toys"

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This post suggests that firmware update is available AND that the source code is published: