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New QRP Labs 5W CW Transceiver Kit.

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Same here Bob, no case yet. The filter works fine. It does add a bit of complexity to a rig with the added wires. A better thing to do might be putting it in a box along with the transceiver PCB... Or making a battery/filter/speaker box...


I've been looking at this QRP Labs kit all week and finally decided to order a 20 meter version. It looks pretty complex for the price. Now I will have to brush up on my CW skills. I hope somebody makes a after market case for it, I bet they do.


Thanks Gil! So great and useful to be on! I bit the bullet immediately, as need at least ONE QRP rig sooner than later, while I dilly and dally and save up for e.g. PFR-3b. I ordered one for 30m. Impressive that it has a CW decoder built in, not much use if you cannot send CW, but useful perhaps for when you are sleeping and someone else is keeping watch on frequency. Nice that it has, presumably also beacon mode, for auto CQ. I chose 30m due to all-round propagation: possible for DX every day (or night) but also good regional coverage. In higher latitudes not as useful as 40m, and not nearly as many stations available as on 40m, but, I like the DX. Noise levels there during TWAWKI are also much lower. But for portable use and TEOTWAWKI probably 40m would have been much more useful. One can always order another one hopefully, later, always good to have 2 different rigs in case one breaks.

Caulktel I hope there is a case too. Still, it'll work without one, we hope :-)
Shipping is from China. If they smuggle them across to Laos it'd be even cheaper!
I'll report my number when known so we can see how fast they are going, I bet fast.
Good voltage range 8-14V wonder if 8V really produces 3W and how much 12V produces.
200Hz CW filter with no ringing sounds good, though hopefully it also allows filter to be off/wide?

Got my serial number, it is over 600! "your order is a PRE-order for a kit from the second batch of 500, which is expected mid-September." Unsurprisingly this is popular. Unsurprisingly many found out about it before we did, but I'd not have known if not for!


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