Voice Morse, epic QSO by Peter Parker. One more reason to learn Morse.

Started by gil, April 23, 2017, 05:49:08 am

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I'll henceforth carry a whistle when using voice-only radios!

Voice did not go through but voice-Morse did! Never thought of doing that and though it's laughable, it gets the job done. Just hope there are no passer-bys,  :o


Steve 7931

I just loved this, it was great the other guy could copy morse with ease, just goes to show what can be done with a little lateral thinking.



That was awesome ;D  There are purists that believe the whole goal is to make the contact, and the more difficult, the prouder.  I do like how the guy receiving the "voice-Morse" was chuckling and enjoying making that kind of contact.

I have a pico-keyer that I can plug one of those little battery powered speakers into.  I assume I could use that and just hold the mic up to the speaker while I work the keyer with paddles.  With the rig set to USB that should work on all bands, shouldn't it?


It just goes to show you that when voice is 'fringe', CW Morse gets through - though this is once of the odder ways to do it.  ha ha
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