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Salvaging old Notebook battery

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I just found an old notebook battery in my cellar and decided to give it a try. I was able to salvage 8 x 18650 cells. 6 are still on 3.71V, 2 are on 2.1V unfortunately.
After googling I found out that those are 2600mAh cells. Pretty neat!

Is there a way to revive those cells on 2.1V or are they gone?

I think about a 3s2p battery bank with a built in BMS. Would give me 11.1V for the 817nd. I think thats quite good, I could use a step up converter to boost the voltage if necessary (or if it makes sense).

They really charge up to 4.2V, then go down quickly to 4V. Don't discharge below 3V. I would trash those two bad cells...

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I just put them into the ThruNite 18650 charger. Let's see if the 2 cells will revive or not.

This is a very good topic. D'oh!  I just remembered an old, beater laptop that may be in my junk box.  Maybe a weekend project??? (Like I ?NEED another 80% completed project... ha ha)


All 8 cells work. My charger is charging them. The question is if they can still deliver the same Wh as before, I doubt it.
Anyway, if your cell wont load because the Voltage is too low, attach it parallel to a charged cell for few seconds and then put it in the regular charger again. Saw that on yt, seems to work.

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