Passed my Intermediate Exam last night!!

Started by Andywragg, June 28, 2018, 04:22:43 AM

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What it says above. Did quite well with the questions, only dropped one out of 45.

Just got to wait 10 days now (for the 6 working day grace period) before I can get my 2E0 or 2E1 callsign, and start to use a bit more power on my QSO's. I can also then complete the TX testing of my uBITX.

Happy Days.

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Congrats on passing! We have technician, general, and extra in the US. Passed my general a year after getting my license with a minimal passing score.

I'm ok with not upgrading to extra. Maybe one day. The important thing is to get licensed and get training/practice. Applies equally to radios and firearms.


Congratulations Andy, well done!
What new rights does that give you?



Thanks guys - Access to more frequencies, increase ERP from 10 to 50 Watts, and the ability to scratch build and modify stuff. Remote operation within certain limits as well as being able to supervise another licensee on my station.
Once a 'STAB in the Dark'


Nicely done, Andy!  I'm very excited for you and have enjoyed your posts.  Radio is a delightful hobby, often a useful tool and once 'infected', an incurable MANIA!

73 de RadioRay  ..._  ._

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