Best Antenna for MTB3

Started by galbizua, September 04, 2018, 12:19:10 pm

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Hy, Guillermo, CP6GA from Bolivia.

I bougth my MTB3  and I need the fiel antenna 20-30-40.

Please recomend me all the kit  in especial Antenna, tuner, etc. I am a beginer.

I see de LNR Precision MTR but expensive

I want a low cost and practic equipment for the jungle, river, etc



Hello Guillermo, and welcome  :)

Get an FT-140-43 toroid core and a 100pf 3000V capacitor, some 1mm enameled magnet wire...
Use a 67ft antenna wire.

Then see the photos below:

The box above is a Hammond 1594B.



Thank Gil !!

I have a doubt you say FT-140-43  but in the picture es FT 240-43.

Supourse that de only diference is the size ?

Don't need tuner?

Thank you



Yes, the difference is the size. The 240-43 is a bit more efficient but much bigger. I use the 140-size. No tuner needed on 40/20m, maybe on 30.

For my MTR is use this to check SWR:

If the LED is not full-bright, you're ok.