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Started by Sunflower, October 13, 2012, 02:45:21 pm

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October 13, 2012, 02:45:21 pm Last Edit: October 13, 2012, 09:31:58 pm by Sunflower
I took the list below from a writer on SurvivalBlog ( The writer was a first timer trapper in Alaska at a young age (18 or 19?). The biggest lesson I took from his article (sorry not linked) was that there was a earthquake at one point during his many months at the isolated cabin. He indicated how worried and helpless he felt to not have any news or updates on his family. That was the biggest part I remembered from his article.

I wrote down the "Trapper Supply List" that was passed down to him. The items would then be flown in after each season and thus be prepared for the next. The list below may have some extra stuff that I put in. 

90# Bisquick
50# Beans
50# Rice
25# Salt
20# Oatmeal
10# Sugar
10# Lard
10#powdered Milk
10# Split Pea
10# Tang
10# Noodles
2# tea
1 case corn
1 case tomato paste
5# tomato Paste
4 # honey
2# Pepper
1 Chain Oil
5 Gal White Gasoline
1 Lg Stabile Fuel stabilizer
4 Large boxes wood matches
24 Larger Plumber Candles.
8 rolls of Toilet Paper
6 Lantern Mantels
Maple Syrup
7# Trapper Wire
Gun Oil
Trapping Lures & Scents
2 Steel Drums
Yoders Bacon
Vitiman C & B

I really liked the simplicity of the Trapper list. At the time, my list of lists were getting wild. The trapper list put things into perspective for me. I use to camp/cabin squat at Grandpa's Lake Cabin. This list makes good sense and is not expensive to establish.


Very interesting in it's simplicity, thanks.



There is no mention of bottles of Tabasco, so ipso facto the list is no good.
Seriously though, it's a decent list for the purpose.  Sort of bland on the foodstuffs, but a belly full of bland food is better than going hungry.  Other preppers might want to consider the flavoring of what goes into otherwise bland food, and think towards the ketchup flavor, onion powder, garlic powder, cumin, cayenne, etc.  Flavored food helps out morale during a period of transitioning... to this guy's list.
These days, it pays to consider what type of farmer's matches, since the trend is towards "safer" matches, the good ones are harder to find, 'specially on a Walmart trip.  Here, the last source for real matches is an old hardware/general merchandise store that keeps its head above the local Walmart waters.
I didn't see mention of cooking oil.  Lard does work.  Make your choice.   Laid-in olive oil might suit most people better than lard does.
Is anybody into cooking their bread in a frypan, yeastless?  That's bannock, it's pretty decent (and I see that the list substitutes Bisquick for baking powder and flour.)  Bannock is pretty good bread, and frying pan fresh bread is a nice thing when the oven doesn't work..  If anybody is interested I'll give an old recipe  for bannock in another thread.


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Quote from: Quietus on October 13, 2012, 08:41:53 pm
  If anybody is interested I'll give an old recipe  for bannock in another thread.

Yes Quietus - recipe would do us good.

I agree with all you wrote in regard to flavor and appeal. The list was designed for the pilot that was coming back to land on the frozen lake to pickup the trapper at the end of season. This way the plane did not come up empty. The seal drums helped to keep the varmints from feasting during off season. There is always a weight limit to what stuff can be hauled in, so that is how the trappers before him did it.

I will try to locate that story on Survival blog. It is a good one.
Found it: