Hurricane Watch Net IS Activated!

Started by Jonas Parker, October 28, 2012, 12:21:19 pm

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Jonas Parker

Hurricane Watch Net Activation Plans

    The Hurricane Watch Net provides communications to and from the National Hurricane Center in Miami, Florida during times of hurricane emergencies.  This net (a group of trained amateur radio operators whose mission is to support the National Hurricane Center) convenes as an organized network of emergency communicators on the frequency of 14.325.00 MHz whenever a hurricane is forecast to be within 300 statute miles from landfall of any inhabited land mass in the Caribbean Sea, Central America, and the U.S. Mainland including the Gulf of Mexico coastal areas.

    Whenever the Hurricane Watch Net is not active, you can hear the latest information on 14.300.00 MHz.

    (Updated Sunday, October 28th @ 12:00PM EDT (1400 UTC)
    The Hurricane Watch Net is currently activated for Hurricane Sandy.

    The Hurricane Watch Net is preparing for what looks to be busy days as Sandy makes her way up the US east coast.  The current forecast as of Sunday, October 28th at 12:00 PM EDT (1400 UTC), has Sandy making landfall somewhere between Delaware and Long Island, New York early Tuesday morning as a category 1 hurricane.

    The Hurricane Watch Net plans to active today, Sunday, October 28th at 5:00 PM EDT (2100 UTC) on our net frequency 14.325.00 MHz, as well as 7.268 MHz and 3.950 Mhz.  Our plans are to line up reporting stations in advance of our Monday and Tuesday net activations.  During our Sunday activation, we will welcome EMA's, EOC's, and other official government stations, as well as Red Cross Centers, Salvation Army Shelters, and other Emergency Shelters, to check their HF equipment in preparation for Sandy's arrival.

    Beginning Monday, October 29th, we will be operating on 14.325.00 MHz, 7.268 Mhz, and 3.950 MHz throughout the day as band conditions dictate.

    As a special note to those who monitor when the net is active, we ask that you please honor our request for you remain quiet unless specifically called upon for assistance.

    Throughout this event, we remind everyone that we are also available to provide backup communications facilities to official agencies such as Emergency Operations Centers and Red Cross officials in the affected area.  We will also be interested to collect and report significant damage assessment data back to FEMA officials stationed in the National Hurricane Center.

    Please honor our request that you should not check in to the net unless specifically requested to do so.  We will attempt to handle all communications within the capabilities of our own members, and only when required assistance is needed will we ask for your help.

    As a final reminder, please monitor this web site for storm related advisory updates, graphics displays, and other data made available from the National Hurricane Center.

    Thanks in advance for your support and cooperation during this storm activation.

    Kind Regards,
    Net Management


FYI, the Monday HWN activation 29 October will be 1200Z (0800 EDT).
Also, the Health & Welfare Emerg Net will be activated as needed on 14.265.

Best to all those in the affected areas.