Cheers from another Newbie

Started by Forager, November 21, 2012, 08:27:06 pm

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From South Florida. General Class.Digital, and fan of Feld Hell. All around good guy as well:)


Welcome! You've found a great place to hang out.


Welcome Forager!  I'm curious about where in S. Fl. you live.  When the hurricanes come are you in danger of drowning in place (live inland) or being washed out to sea (coastal).  I've vacationed in the Ft. Meyers area and had business trips to  the space coast.  It is soooo flat in those places that when I'm on a highway overpass I feel like I can see forever.


Hey all thanks for the response. I was re-directed here after advisment from current posters who shall remain anonymous:)  Bob, in relation to your vacation spot, a bit southeast from that locale, bout 25 miles inland. If the surge gets us, Florida will be in the history books. We have experienced some local flooding due to the incompetence of the water management authority,but nothing you can't get through. Missed Andrew, but had first hand experience with Charlie, a complete eye opener.
Many sheep here, even after the aforementioned. You can plant the seeds to some of these folks, but its up to them to follow through. "FEMA will be here to help us", I hear, and leading the effort will be Santa Claus with his reindeer I respond.  Charlie, put us without power for 22 days, Wilma, 14. "Never Again" is this guys motto! Major concern for the "enlightened" here is the mass migration across the alley from the east coast. We will deal with it as warranted.