How Long Would You Last Without Power?

Started by cockpitbob, February 06, 2014, 09:50:40 am

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Natural gas will be one of the first to go in my area considering the biggest threat is the Cascadia fault.

Having perished this thread  I see a huge reliance on gensets which are temp solutions. I sold off my large 240v genset last year and will be taking Gil's  advice and selling my Honda 2000 for solar panels this year.

Solar and wood are the best alternatives to grid IMO.

I'm applying as a solar installer (after 25 years as an industrial electrician) with a local company so there might be a chance to actually know what I'm doing with solar in the near future

- Jim


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Point well taken about generators being a temp solution.  I need to get some solar if I want to think of myself as prepared for really long term $hit.

I got the generator because here in MA an ice storm can knock power out for a week if you are out of town.  My pipes would freeze.  Plus, in the summer we usually get at least the edge of a hurricane that goes up the coast.  My basement has a french drain system with 2 sump pumps.  With a hurricane, power will go out when I most need the pumps to keep my basement from flooding.

I have to say, when the snow knocked the power out and my neighbor's houses were getting cold and they were eating cold food by candle light, I got a little evil pleasure by turning on the driveway and porch lights. ::)