Programming repeaters into a Baofeng UV-5R series

Started by raybiker73, February 21, 2013, 11:35:09 AM

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I made a post about this in another thread, but I think it deserves its own as well. This is the only clear and accurate guide to repeater programming for the UV-5R that I have ever found. It actually works:


Thanks.  The Baofeng is so cheap that if you want to set aside some radios for prepper purposes, they're very attractive.  Unfortunately, the programming issues seem to be a huge deterrent, so anything that makes these more viable is valuable information.


Don't even own one, but saved that.  Thanks RB73.


programming with the software is a breeze once you find the right way to get it up on your computer. It took me about a day to discover how easy it rea;;y is. It just has to be set up right!gettint the drover in, finding the comm port it assigned to agree with the software, and o by the way the sofware that comes from China will probably come up in Chinese.On the tool bar with all the gibberish, the next to last is language, click on the gibberish and choose Engilah.


I was never able to find a driver that would work. I think part of it was the knockoff Prolific cable from China. Maybe some of the Windows drivers are usable, but every driver available for OS X failed miserably for me.  :(


KB5ELV is a friend, and he's vision impared. He came up with this to facilitate hams with vision issues to program it. Talk to him on his Echolink repeater or his allstar link repeater.

I have three of the Bo-fang UV3's which are ok. I have one UV5, which is an early one, and they had receive frequency issues. It transmits fine, receiver can be in some cases off by 2 khz. And the narrow mode says it is on, but it isn't, and haven't seen that work. Now the NEW UV5's are all fixed. They figured it out real fast. But those of us who bought early are screwed, but it was only something like $50. But for bassic prepper, it is probably ok. But the off freq only shows up when signla mets moderate to marginal.



I know it's been a while, but I checked and my original link is now a dead link. Here's the updated one, and I updated it in the original post as well: