So what's your plan?

Started by Frosty, September 06, 2012, 10:30:18 pm

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Just quoting the wiki on voice inversion: "In the simplest form of voice inversion, the frequency p of each component is replaced with s-p, where s is the frequency of a carrier wave. This can be done by amplitude modulating the speech signal with the carrier, then applying a low-pass filter to select the lower sideband. This will make the low tones of the voice sound like high ones and vice versa. This process also occurs naturally if a radio receiver is tuned to a single sideband transmission but set to decode the wrong sideband.".  The puxing 777+ HT's have it, but it can't be set for a memory channel individually, it's on or off for all channels.  That really limits it's usefulness IMO.

Apco-25 is digital trunking, all my state agencies went to it some years ago.  The local police/fire can still be heard analog, but I'm deaf to state (and Fed) stuff.