'Morse Code as a Language'

Started by Sparks, October 28, 2015, 10:16:43 pm

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This playlist was put on YouTube last week, perhaps of use to some of those who are learning Morse Code?

QuoteHi everybody. Justin here from the Morse Code channel.

I'm doing this video to introduce this new playlist which is learning 'Morse Code as a Language'. Morse code really is its own language, with its own words, grammar, structure, conventions, slang, and so on.

I'm going to present short dialogs between two hypothetical people. I'll be sending Morse code using different tones for the different people. After the dialog, I'll break it down, what they were saying, including things to look out for, and things specific to Morse code.

The playlist is going to be geared at newbies and intermediates. I assume the listener knows at least some or all of the letters and numbers. It would be great if the listener has a Morse code key they can use as well to practice, or an app, or computer program, but one of the practical things about Morse code is that you can even just tap with your finger, say dit and dah with your voice, etc. to participate.

I would encourage people to NOT use computers or apps to decode the Morse code you hear, but rather keep it a skill, a human activity, as much as possible. I think you'll learn more Morse code this way.

And we'll go from there!

My background is I've been interested in ham radio and Morse code since about 2013, and have been doing Morse code practice on and off the air since then. I upgraded to my Extra license a few weeks ago. I love languages in general, I can speak some Espanol (Spanish) and Putonghua (Mandarin Chinese).

Thanks for having an interest in languages, Morse code specifically, and checking out this channel, and this new playlist 'Morse Code as a Language'.

I will see you next video, bye bye.


Pretty good.  And the guy had a good fist with a straight key.


Thanks for posting this.. I found the first one very helpful and will be watching the rest of the series.

- Jim