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Started by KC9TNH, June 13, 2013, 03:13:48 pm

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Found this just cruising.  This isn't the home page, just one of the varieties of search you can do along with country, zip, etc.:

Most HF-capable radios nowadays easily go down into the AM broadcast band for listening.  If what one is trying to gather is news from outside their immediate area, consider that (due to grayline) transmitters EAST of you will generally come good before those west of you.  And you can probably snag them with whatever HF setup you might have in the air. (My personal pref is for wire antennas for the lowest band I plan to operate on, but that's just me.)

Most of the listings also have some detail level to them, such as transmitter power, height, location, as well as projected coverage maps.  Attached is a sample from the AM station up in Barrow, AK.

Using your HF setup for some simple listening at night can be beneficial in addition to providing the opportunity for other between-bands short-wave stuff. Done with Radio Moscow's news or the BBC?  Preps made for tomorrow, all quiet on the western front? OK, just slide on over & listen to a baseball game for awhile, or the little 1-man operation in "dee I-lands, mon."

Note: Don't know about Icoms & Kenwoods, but most Yaesu radios have a "floating band" that can be tuned bottom-to-top of their receiver range, certainly Elecrafts as well & can hear anywhere they dial.

Happy trails!