Peaberry SDR

Started by KC3AOL, October 11, 2013, 10:10:21 pm

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The latest QST magazine has a review of the new Peaberry SDR:

Looks pretty interesting for $150. Buy three of them and you can cover 11 bands from 160m to 10m for $450. Sure, probably not the best thing for SHTF because you also need a computer to use it. I really like that the computer interface is straight USB. None of that going through sound cards BS.

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Wow!  That is interesting.  Thanks for posting.

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I have a Softrock and (so far) am unsuccessful getting HDR or Fldigi to control it. 


That is pretty cool. I just got into SDR using an RTL-SDR (Receive only) usb device. I have to say, SDR has some promise.