Would An EMP REALLY Be So Bad? Hmmm, I wonder. (Satire)

Started by RadioRay, October 07, 2014, 10:10:03 pm

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October 07, 2014, 10:10:03 pm Last Edit: October 07, 2014, 10:53:30 pm by RadioRay
The more than I turn on the radio, the more that I hate what ham radio has become.  An example:

W1AW the 'hams' ham station' publishes all kinds of very good SOUNDING ethical rules and gentleman's agreements about how to be a model ham, and promptly ignores it when it comes to their own operating practices.  Even regulations about operating ham radio for 'pecuniary interest' (i/e ham for money) had to be waived in special dispensation from the FCC (or ignored) to allow the ARRL (W1AW) to do what they do on the air and to pay their ham operator staff to transmit. Ho and,  QRM is OK for them, another special dispensation - like buying indulgences int eh middle ages- was granted by FCC so that they are not responsible for QRM, when they broadcast their bulletins.

Next is the collecting "599".  Evidently, when there is a contest, or a renamed contest called a 'special event station', some of which operate for a year on all bands most modes all at the same time with multiple operators, all using the same callsign, without control operator (special dispensation again), you can operate in bands where it's illegal -by INTERNATIONAL LAW- to contest. Oh, it's not a "contest"! We made-up a name of 'Special Event Station', though you DO get points, multipliers, special certificates and etc. as long as you pay for them after thinking that one of our many '599's was yours.

599!  599!  599!   599!   599!   599!

Gil and I were having a nice chat, when suddenly RTTY in the CW portion (but 'technically legal' RTTY)  stations all pounced, screaming '599' over and over.  No thought as to the fact that we were already on the frequency. 'Nobody owns the frequency' (except the ARRL) so if you're there, we're going to take, it is the rule in special events and other contests. All for '599'.

WE had to RADICALLY change frequency, mid-conversation because of the @$#^@&*(&*#^#&!

There is a common thread in my ravings: Most of these guys would likely not be able to do this if their store bought 'appliances' they use to commit radio-mayhem went PFFFFFFFT!  A single 3 nanosecond HEMP would make the bands safe for communications again!  Oh, I know there's that stigma about 90% fatalities in the nation to deal with

, but operating conditions for those of us who can survive, build, repair and operate a station on home made power, well, we'd have it KNOCKED!  We might be eating swill and very little of it, but MAN the bands would be clear!

The problem is that this is about the ONLY way that I can see 'good manners' returning to the ham bands, because from the top down, all that is encouraged is to buy every more stuff & collect '599' at any price.

-This sermon is available on CD for a $25USD offering-

73 de Ray
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599 = BS
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That bald guy on the first photo, he's a S9+20  :o

I couldn't agree more of course...



Yeah - he's ARES EC, Eastern Division ARRL, WAS, WAC, DXCC-paddy-whack, give-a-dog-a-bone 599, that's for sure. He's set for life now.

Me - I get MY '599' the old fashioned way. I buy '599' in a can!

But it's just NOT the same and QRMing your own.

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"When we cannot do the good we would, we must be ready to do the good we can."  ~ Matthew Henry


The RTTY folks are the absolutely the worst. Not one of them thinks to listen before transmitting. Try connecting to a Winlink node during an RTTY contest weekend.


QuoteTry connecting to a Winlink node during an RTTY contest weekend.

The worst part is that Ham radio can be also used for emergencies. It's not just a hobby. I hope to do some sailing next year and will have radios on board, for added safety. I can't imagine sinking, trying to send a position report at the same time one of these morons sends a bunch of 599.

I picture the exchange:


- "CALLSIGN DE K0DUMB UR 599 599 73 TU"    ::)

Winlink presumably has been used or at least one emergency at sea:




I actually had a 'health & welfare' situation in a wilderness area once.  It was not an 'SOS' situation, but an uncomfortable one that any ham on the outside could make a phonecall for us and remedied in short action. We had finished our work in the back-country, made our way to one of the extraction points early and wanted an early pick-up. Not an emergency, but we had a short weather window from what we could tell and Tequilla & Steaks sounded MUCH better that snow and freezing rain. However, there WAS a contest going.  Ever try to make that point with a guy who owns a multi-thousand dollar station, but no common sense?

599 -some number- SK

>>> Try to actually  communicate with him<<

599 -some number- NR??

I may have sent something appropriately impolite in Russian about his mother, and signed-off.

Fortunately, eventually, I found two gents in a conversation and one definitely sounded like an ex-mil Morse op.  As they signed-off, I call the best sounding one, was able to explain what we would like, that it was not an emergency and would he be so kind as to help?  He did and had answer from the pilot that he'd be certain hat we would not have to wait for our default pick-up.

Happy Ending -

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"When we cannot do the good we would, we must be ready to do the good we can."  ~ Matthew Henry