Enemy of the Reich.

Started by gil, November 06, 2014, 10:30:44 am

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Cool video about a clandestine CW operator in occupied France.

The fact is that no other mode could have possibly been used due to the size of the radios during WWII and the need for encryption. QRP CW was and is the name of the game.



Haven't watched it yet, but there's something I hadn't thought of until now.  In voice communications our brains fill in a lot of missing information by using the context of the words we did get.  For instance, if you aren't sure you heard "pill" or "kill" your brain looks at "Did you remember to take your xxxx ?" and fills in.  With coded messages you can't do that.  They are random and have no context to help.  That puts voice communications of coded messages at a serious disadvantage.  Especially when you consider in the military the 2 people communicating probably have accents from different parts of the country (Louisiana backwoods talking to Boston  :o ) and have QRN to deal with.  Morse doesn't have that problem.  It's the closest thing to digital we had.


I have a relative who lived in occupied Holland during WWII. He was hauled away two times for operating a transmitter.
The train that was used to transport him to a prison was blown up to allow his escape during the last time. He was more careful after that.
He operated with an antenna well hidden in a tree. This reminds me of what people go through with overly active HOA members today.