Okay, I Finally Did It!

Started by linkclan, April 02, 2015, 11:42:47 pm

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Wow !that was tough getting the butterflies to fly in formation. But I went ahead and did it. After I couldn't make contact with KK0G, I went ahead and answered another CQ that was a nice slooooow speed. Turned out he was using a single tube in a wooden box with a micro switch for a key. Said he had way more fun with that running 2 or 3 watts than he ever had in 50years of radio. He got his license in 63, probably the day I was born.

Now, with all that experience under my belt, I thought I'd do it again and answered another CQ this one turned out to be in Texas and I screwed it all up. My wife was demanding my attention, the dog started barking, the phone was ringing.....Gezzz! Just couldn't get his call till the end but Dennis was very polite and we made it through.

Oh what fun!


Congrats! I understand the feeling all too well. In fact I've been away from CW for a few months and I had to go through the shaky sending hand and all that when I got back on the air a couple of weeks ago. But you get past the nervousness quickly and it just gets funner and funner. Funner is a word, right?


Awesome! The fun has just begun.
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