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Started by pea, January 14, 2015, 10:57:31 am

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Hello everyone,

Been thinking about getting a new rig. For some reason I've gotten fixated on the Ten-Tec Argonaut VI. I know, it doesn't cover 12 or 6 meters but I don't really hang out there anyway so I'm not bothered much by those omissions. I've also been reading about LNR's new LD-5. Looks interesting and the price is right. I am a little concerned about the LD-5 build quality. On the other hand their antennas are great.

Ideally I think I'd like to get the Argo VI primarily for home use and get a MTR3 from LNR to use out in the field.

Any opinions or comments would be helpful and appreciated.

Thanks -
Bruce, N9WKE


Hello Bruce,

I have the MTR and can only highly recommend it. Between the LD-5 and the Argonaut, I would lean towards the TenTec. There is always the KX3 of course... I realized myself that I used only two bands, 20 and 40m... So I have now rediscovered the K1, which has 40, 30, 20, 15m. BTW LNR's end-feds are great.



Hi Gil,

Thanks for the reply. I was looking really hard at the Elecraft K1 also. I'm a little confused though. Can you put all four bands in a K1 at the same time? Or does the K1 only support two bands at a time and if you want to use the other two bands you have to open it up and swap out the boards?

I was on Elecraft's website yesterday and I can get a fully tricked out K1 with 4 bands for a couple hundred dollars less than the Argo VI would cost. I know the two aren't exactly the same but I might be tempted.

Thanks -

Jim Boswell

Bruce, glad to have you join us. When you are thinking about what radio to buy, consider the primary radio function. Portable, CW, QRP, digital???. Don't overlook older used radios. Aside from digital modes and VFO drift, the 30 year old TenTec rigs still compare very favorable to the newest radios.
Here are some of the radios I use: Youkits HB-1B, Icom 703, Tentec Argosy, Icom 7200. There are lots of other great radios.
My CW skills are poor and I use the Youkits HB-1B as a very portable receiver. Someday I hope to gain more CW skills.
The Icom 703 is my main QRP radio.
I use the TenTec Argosy as a camping radio, it is kind'a nice to have that 50 watts when you need to get out.
The Icom 7200 is my main back-up/camping radio.
I also use other TenTec rigs at my main station, the Paragon, Corsair II and Omni C.
The older TenTec radios fit me because I can repair them and keep them working for decades to come. I have extra parts radios.
73'S  KA5SIW


For the money I would consider a used FT-817 over the LD-5.  The receive current is about the same (way too big) and the 817 does everything including 2m/70cm.  Plus the 817 can operate from an internal battery pack.


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The K1 unfortunately is no longer offered with the four-band module. If you buy a new kit you would have to get two-band modules and swap them as needed, which is no fun, even though it takes 5 mins. Best bet would be to find a used four-bander. The K1 is an excellent rig, with four bands and the ATU. Make sure you get one with 80kHz bandwidth and the backlight option.. The bandwidth is very easy to change, but the backlight option is a real pain to install on an existing radio. Now I only have a K1 and MTR, and they do everything I will ever need.

I sold my KX3, which was by far the best radio out there. I used maybe 20% of its capabilities, which is why I sold it.




Thanks for the info and advice on the K1, much appreciated my friend. A quick search on all the usual places for a four band K1 turned up nada but I kind of expected that. I'll just have to be patient and keep my eye out for when a good one becomes available... and then pounce on it!  :)  From what I can tell they get picked up pretty darn fast.

Jim Boswell, I like your suggestion a lot. I'm thinking about getting one of the older radios you mentioned to use at home. The price is certainly right and I'd love to have a classic Ten-Tec for CW. Thanks for your great suggestion.

I appreciate all the comments and suggestions I've received. This is a great group!