Water Power for Post SHTF

Started by cockpitbob, February 27, 2015, 05:06:02 am

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This is an interesting video where a guy guts a washing machine, adds a eBay paddle wheel and makes a hydro generator.

I never really gave hydro power any thought before now.  Flat-landers like Gil are probably out of luck, but anyone that can run a pipe down hill from a water source so it has some pressure can make power.

eBay is full of useful stuff.  You can get the Pelton wheel for around $50. 

Here's a wheel and 12V-36V, 1KW generator for $211.  Needs a housing, plumbing and controller.

Here's a cute little 12V, 10W generator for $13.49 with threaded pipe connections.  Even something like this running 24/7 could run your LEDs, radio and provide a little time on the computer each day.

Though eastern Massachusetts is very bumpy, the tallest hill within 25 miles of me is probably only 300' so I don't have much to work with.  Still, this warrants some thought.