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Started by BlinkyBill, March 16, 2015, 05:01:17 PM

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Say Cockpitbob, thanks for the link.  So new hadn't though of the ARRL.  Just "tuned up 5 wpm"  first time I could copy something :)  I see where I am going to be spending some time.  Your handle?  Are you a pilot?  I am rebuilding a 1946 Aeronca Chief right now.  Worked on making new leading edges for the wings today.  Got to be 115 in the hangar, so went home and worked on the KX1.  I did not buy the tuner.  Figured I would make the kit first, then tune up a few antennas the hard way, and give it a try.  Do you find that a properly matched antenna works better in the real world?  With only a few watts, I am hoping I can make thin wire antennas, and wind them up on old fishing line spools.  Pull out what seems to match the surroundings?  If I am off on my thinking, please set me straight.



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Hi Richard,
A Champ?  I can tell you're my kind  of pilot.  I've been "mostly inactive" since shortly after the kids came along 15 years ago.  I got my license in the 1980s in a 1946 7BCM Aeronca Champ.  It had the C-90 engine (whoo hooo!) and hydraulic toe brakes from a Belanca ??? .  I've got a fair amount of Chief time too as well as J3 and Citabria time.  For years I owned a 1946 Stinson Voyager.  I camped under the wing at every fly-in and airshow on the west coast and went to Oshkosh twice in that bird.  I was single then ::) .

I don't see much need for the tuner in the KX1.  I'm pretty sure it costs some power, not from losses but from detuning the finals.  My KX1 only puts out 1W-2.5W out (depending on band) with 12V in.  It does more with the tuner removed.  Most of use 1/2wave end fed antennas with a SOTA or LNR-Precision coupler, or home brew equivalent, or just dipoles.  No tuner necessary.  I know a guy that says "tuners are for wussies".


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You have all numbers and letters but can't copy?  Something doesn't sound right about that.
I wish I could get all letters in 3 weeks, it's been months on my end but I'm not at it EVERY day like I know I need to be.

Gil's suggestion of the iPhone app HAM MORSE is a good one. It makes you write out the code as opposed to just ID ing

- Jim


Yea, I know that sounds strange.  That is the side effect of the Morse Toad app.  It plays the same letter over and over until you make a choice.  Was that a B or a 6?  Three dots or four.  It promotes stalling after a letter rather than writing it down and fixing it later.  When I get done working I am going to start copying text today.  This is going to be an interesting journey.

About the airplane, a champ with a 90!  speed demon :).  I have an A65.  After getting fuel at a self serve, I tied the tail down and was had propping it.  A lady got out a a Barron and told my wife she shouldn't be flying in something with a dead battery.    When I went for my bi annual the person giving it hadn't seen my plane and didn't ask what I had.  Gave me a little sheet of questions to fill out.   One was "where is the battery".  Being a smart ass, I had to answer, "in the glove box"

I love simple.



Quote from: beewhisperer on June 20, 2015, 12:22:37 PM
I love simple.

Yup, definitely my kind of pilot.  And with a hand-prop airplane you'll never take off with a poor running engine that you have to crank & crank & crank before it starts.