Magnetic loop to cut the noise?

Started by vwflyer, February 12, 2016, 06:14:36 PM

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For a while now my brother and I have been trying to set up a sked. We are still struggling to find a band and time that is reliable. Part of the problem is the noise level he has to deal with at his QTH. He lives in the Seattle area and has to deal with a constant noise level of s6 and up on all bands. I can often hear him fine but I'm down below his noise level. He is currently using a G5RV installed stealthily in his backyard. He lives in a HOA and can't put up an obvious beam.

We have been researching magnetic loop antennas for their high Q and noise rejecting characteristics. I know some of you here have experience with them so I was hoping you could give me some insight into them. Do you think that they are a viable option for this situation?



I had a big 21ft diameter magnetic loop. It did cut down the noise a great deal. For example, it was impossible for me to use my Rock-Mites with my end-fed. I would get lots of noise and AM broadcast stations.. With the loop, nothing! 40m sounded like 15m!



Thanks Gil. That's good news for us. 21 foot is a big loop!