MTR Protector, 3D Printed

Started by cockpitbob, September 05, 2016, 09:23:37 PM

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September 05, 2016, 09:23:37 PM Last Edit: September 05, 2016, 10:37:58 PM by cockpitbob
{once again, read to the end for one of my Karma giveaways}
Reading the AT_Sprint Yahoo group, there's been several people that have broken the switches on their MTRs.  I had that same concern so I designed a 3-D printable cover for my MTR_3B.  It weighs 1/2oz and adds almost no size to it.  I'm so pleased with my MTR that I made sure the design didn't tend to scuff the paint.  It is supported by the black ends of the box's bottom and the round post in the middle hovers above the case unless pressed on.

More details and the 3-D print files here:

I sent one to Gil and I think it got there in time to go on his Pyrenees backpacking trip.

Gil, comments?  Yours lacks one design tweak where the clips do a better job of holding on to the belly of the MTR.  I was worried that I would pick it up by the case and have it drop out.

So, once again, I'm doing a Karma and giving away a few.  Postage is on me.  CONUS only.
- You must own an MTR_3B
- Your first post here must be older than 2 months
- Select black or circuit board green.  Sorry, I only have blue in the low temperature PLA plastic and if you leave it out in the blazing sun it will sag.

If someone can verify the MTR_2B uses the exact same size case as the 3B, I'll give some away for the 2B too.

EDIT:  I forgot to say, just send me a PM if you have an MTR and want one.


QuoteIf someone can verify the MTR_2B uses the exact same size case as the 3B

It does not. The case is much thicker.

I have Bob's cover and can attest that it works great and is very useful! Thanks again Bob!