Started by gridner, September 01, 2012, 10:11:50 PM

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Quotein a true SHTF, total infrastructure loss, no rule of law scenario, communication via radio will be way, way, WAY down on my priority list

Absolutely. In such a case, I want to be able to clip my small Pelican case on my BOB and forget about it until time allows... Even while staying put, I don't think there would be much time to maintain a digital station. Whatever power is produced would be used for other more important applications. One that just popped in my mind actually, and I might look into that, would be an electric fence! Handhelds would need recharging too, and those are important. Not everyone has a hydroelectric generator, giant solar panels or a lage underground gasoline tank. Some kind of electronic perimeter security system would be more important than powering a computer..



You know? I just thought of something. We will have to guard the now public libraries very close. Lot of information in paper form and it will be stolen, burnt down, used for toilet paper, or otherwise destroyed if not watched closely.  :::: just a thought :::: This site brings lots of things to mind as you guys discuss things. Thanks a lot.


Quietguy. I am afraid I am in the same boat. I am not completely worn out, but would not survive well with a group of guys in the wilds for long. I have trained with a group and done some days camping, but if it was extended my age would begin to show, and I would more be the burdon to such a group of fighting men than an asset. So I have been reduced to a person who can support them and their familys at home, and try to help my community and my own family. That is not all bad, eh? I am very rural and that is a great thing IMHO. I am blessed with dairy operation on one side of me and beef on the other! YeeHaa.

My point? ::: I say, we will need everyone and every way of communicating, Wally, including the printing press no doubt.