Nuclear War Survival — How To Survive a Nuclear War

Started by swxx, August 29, 2017, 11:18:01 AM

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Reviving an old topic...
I got myself a TerraP+ geiger counter. They seem to be pretty good, in Ukraine and Japan they are beeing used a lot. I live near a nuclear power plant (30km), so that's a wise investment IMO. Once or twice a week I measure the gamma dose. Actually I made a video once about radiation 101, trying to solve some mysteries about it:

Anyway, I dont think TEOTWAWKI will ever happen. The government will establish law sooner or later. IMO prepping is just about to fill the time gap of lawlessness until it is functioning again.



Well I saw the video.. It looks like a toaster or oldschool radio. If you got that used I should get some radioactive testing probes to check the geigermuller tube if its still working.
You can try to convert röntgen to sieverts using this:
0.5 Röntgen is 5 mili Sieverts. Thats pretty high. I am not sure if the unit you have shows those readings in unit per hour or what?


As we see for some weeks now the nightmare could reveal actual with only an air raid or a lost shell.

I was already concern by the french nuclear plants (no french at more than 300km I think) but now we can have a "Tchernobyl II" or a direct strike of "Satan II", I will quote Sting : "I hope russians love their children too".


I don't think it will come to that... As long as NATO doesn't get directly involved. They have been poking the bear with increasing aggressiveness and now we are again heading towards a cold war. In any case, I don't want this thread to get political so let's keep comments to practical matters directly related to survival and radio.
Ya'll have a great week-end :-)


I bought a few NEW one gallon paint cans, sanded the lid edge and can rim for good electrical contact and made Faraday cages for electrocics I want to TRY to protect incase of an EMP. I painted them in U,.S. Civil Defence YELLOW so that - at a glance - I know it's part of my 'Nuke Kit' and have a VERY GOOD Radiation survey meter inside as well. 

Paint cans contain:
Radio receivers AM/FM/SW broadcast, US NOAA Weather/safety band...
QRP transceiver
old Calculator, solar powered
old GPS (reciever only - no cell/wifi functions at all, 25 years old)
batteries, both alkaline and rechargable
Battery chargers,
Folding solar panel
Broadband radio scanner (Information is valuable!)
and anything that might be useful post-EMP.
My old slide rule is EMP proof, but I barely remember how to use it  ;-)

de Radio Ray  ..._ ._

Keep PAPER MAPS and spare perscription/reading glasse in your vehicle.  Here in the USA a Topographic 'gazateer' map book is available for every U.S. State from Amazon. I keep one in the vehicle along with pick axe, shovel and manual 2+ ton chain hoist'winch. ALWAYS DRIVE ON THE   T O P 1/4 of your fuel tank!!!  When gas stations stop, you will probably not have ANY warning. 
"When we cannot do the good we would, we must be ready to do the good we can."  ~ Matthew Henry