Book Recommendations for Learning about HAM Operating

Started by Sunflower, September 17, 2012, 12:02:19 AM

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Does anyone here feel that this would be a great book to have?

My budgeting/funding for this new endeavor is not yet developed. If I were to get one reference book, new or used, what are some of the most popular for a newbie?

BTW, I stumbled onto a site tonight with an easy recipe for an antenna. I am kind of looking forward to building one if it becomes necessary.

Thank you. 


I just finished reading that book. I have had my tech license for a year but just haven't had the time get much practical experience. The test books are heavy on theory but really lacking in practical application, which is why I bought this book

I would recomend it. It was extremely easy to understand and gave a great overview of everything from the practical side.
It had also given me some motivation to study for my General and get on the HF bands. (Along with this site :))


The best place I?ve found to study for the exam is here:

And it?s free!!!

There is more memorization than actually learning electronic theory but it?s what you need to pass the exams.  Once you start getting 85% on the practice exams, you?re ready for the real thing.


Your best bet is to buy the Gordon West license books from Amazon. There are editions for Tech, General and Extra, and they make taking the test(s) pretty easy.