French or US licence ?

Started by le_phasme, January 06, 2021, 02:33:22 PM

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Hi there,
I live in french Guyana, which is a pretty desolated french region located in south america. I want to pass my amateur radio licence, but there is no way to get an exam session here. I though about passing my US licence remotly (
What's your opinion on it ? The idea is to try to get the Extra level so I can ask for a french callsign later...
I was wondering which of the french or US Extra licence is the easiest to get ?

Thanks, and cheers from the forest.


That's what I did. I got the three ARRL books and studied them for a couple weeks, then passed all three exams in one session. When I came back to France the ANFR gave me a French call-sign. I think it is much easier that way.