SDR vs superhet : after disaster

Started by daedalus, November 10, 2019, 12:41:48 AM

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It definitely looks like the future of transceivers is SDR, this got me thinking: if there is a disaster with long term effects then the key aspects of transmission equipment will likely be :

1) reliability
2) repairability
3) durability
4) replacement parts
5) low power consumption
6) adaptability
7) portability

I would say 1-4 favours the superhet and 5-7 favours the SDR, although with 5) power consumption the laptop/tablet power consumption may need to be taken into account

So this probably means one of each , say an FT-817ND and one of the new SDR that is self contained (QSX, IC-705 TX-500)

That got me thinking, how best to use two transceivers (i.e. a superhet and an SDR) and I began to wonder, would it be possible to reconfigure the SDR to act as a power amplifier for the FT-817 ? or even to act as a digital modes device for the FT-817



Probably, and I have nothing against SDRs, if they do have a human interface and can be used without a computer...