Anytone 778UV Mobile Radio

Started by Syzygy, September 17, 2021, 11:13:15 AM

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This question was recently inserted into the QRZ forum in the hope that someone may have a possible answer?
To date, there has not been one single reply?
This was the question:

I have an anytone 778UV mobile radio. This summer the heat in my car may have corrupted the firmware? The radio, flips screen, when talking the PTT button turns the power on to full from low? It is doing a lot of strange things? I have factory reset it, I have the cosher anytone programming cable which it came with and able to programme okay with Chirp?
I believe the Firmware may have been corrupted? I have looked on the net and cannot find any details or information about re installing the firmware? When I go on Anytone's website Malwarebytes warns me not to proceed due to suspicious activity and Trojans on the site (trust the chinese NOT!!!)
Does anyone know if it is possible to reinstall the firmware?

Do I simply right this one off and chuck the ***** in the rubbish bin or hope there is an answer?

Living in hope!


Hello. Keep it, there has to be a way... Also, most anti virus software will raise an alarm on anything that isn't "standard" and certainly binary files like firmware updates. That doesn't mean there is malware in there... Just verify that you are on the correct site and re-run your anti-virus after the update. Heat could cause that problem. I don't think it would be a physical issue, except if the radio case was squished somehow and presses somewhere causing trouble, but that is unlikely.
If I was you I would try the Chinese firmware update file and cross my fingers...