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Started by vwflyer, January 06, 2021, 01:52:02 PM

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I wrote a couple of short documents that can be helpful to someone looking into how to use ham radio for emergency communications. I plan to give them to interested people, let them read through them, then answer any questions they have from them. I hope some of you can find them helpful too.



Thank you for posting these. I've had my technician "ticket" for about a month, and after stumbling across Gil and Julian on YouTube, my entire interest has shifted to mobile, low-power comms. I'm hoping that my local club's zoom meeting happens this evening so I can draft an Elmer, but this forum has been a tremendous help.

Hoping to hear you out there on HF in a month or so after my General exam.



Don't forget to boast about it here ;-)
Try for Extra while you're at it, it won't cost you more than some study time..


Those android exam practice apps are the ticket.


I downloaded the files for handouts to interested people.  It is all well and good to talk about them with people, but for them to have something to take home or back to their campsite and read and think about is a great thing.  In my military training communications with the masses was a difficult lesson for many people.  Print is good in an environment where people can read and it can be reread.  Radio/hearing is a good medium for illiterate populace or where print capabilities are limited.  Video is good for populations that have access.  A handout at a parks on the air station can recruit people that may not have thought about the hobby. (Steps down from Soap Box and yeilds it to the next person)
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