Self-hosted VPN (and pi-hole)

Started by vy2js, January 06, 2021, 07:30:39 AM

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Radio related in that is how cell phone work...  ;)

I got a raspberry pi for xmas and promptly set up pi-hole on it which acts as a DNS request sink-hole.  all dns requests go to the pi-hole: if blacklisted (like facebook for me!) the pi-hole reaponds with nothing, but if it us whitelisted (or just not blacklisted) then the dns request gets passed along.  It deals only with the dns request not the data so thingsvare actually faster.

And no more ads.

And no more trackers!

On average, roughly ONE HALF of all dns requests from my phones & laptops are blocked 🚫.   Woo hoo

Also set up pivpv which qas super simple to do, just answering the installer prompts.

This means i have my pi set up not only as a dns sink-hole but mybown vpn!

So no when I'm out of the house i connect to my vpn and no matter where i am, I'm connected to home and significantly reduce the risk of being hacked.  I can now use public wifi without being exposed.

The real bonus is that when out of the house and connected to my vpn, my pi-hole is also in effect so NO ADS or TRACKERS.

Ad'free games.  Anywhere.

And facebook has lost track of me.