Inverted Vee antenna, the #1 for the field

Started by Jim Boswell, February 25, 2022, 09:25:30 AM

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Jim Boswell

Living out in the badlands of New Mexico, sometimes trees are in short supply. With the inverted Vee antenna, all I need is one tree and I am set to go. I use a 20 meter wire inverted vee antenna. Just tie a cord onto a rock and throw the rock into a tree across a main branch. Then hoist the antenna up and tie off the legs of the antenna. Bingo, I am ready to operate. My ICOM 703, log, antenna and coax fit in a backpack and I carry the gelcell batteries in a lunchbox.


I can only agree! After the EFHW the inverted V is my favorite, especially for 40m NVIS.