Channel 3 Project

Started by NF822WNY, November 08, 2017, 12:39:49 AM

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Anyone interested in CB and prepping should take a look at the following site:

This outlines a protocol for SHFT comms with non licensed radio operators.

Could be helpful for CB, FRS, GMRS


Good site, shows who is on what channel, thanks.




Hi. I Run a Channel 3 project in Portugal with weekly trainings every Saturday at 9 PM. I wonder if other groups are implementimg the Channel 3 project, the radio plan 3-3-3. We all know Amron but I would like to know about others. If any one interested please take a look at portuguese only. We also run a beacon evetry 30 minutes on channel 3. You can play it online too. The transmission is located in Lisbon, Portugal.