PLEASE READ! Welcome to Radio Preppers.

Started by gil, May 09, 2012, 02:11:40 PM

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I just  signed up W0UDT

Name is Bob

Location Colorado


Welcome, Bob!

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Welcome aboard Bob, you'll find yourself right at home here  :)



Hi Bob,

Nice callsign!

de RadioRay ..._  ._
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Hello Everyone,

It's a pleasure meeting you. I was delighted to find this place, thanks for making it available.

I've been a ham for 12 years now. Upgraded to General last year and am working on my Extra. Look forward to hopefully meeting some of you on the air.


Hi Everyone,

I'm new to the forum as well, and looking forward to learning and helping as I'm able. I've been interested in this space for quite a while. :-)

Andrew Baze, AB8L


Hi folks, name is Dave - I'm a ham in Ireland, licensed since 2012. From the start I've been interested in how to stay on the air if the power quits.

Equipment at the moment is ok for staying put, but I'm slowly putting together the kit necessary to stay out in the field indefinitely.

Main mode is CW but also active on WSPR and some other digital modes. Have a QRO rig that's currently sitting in a drawer, so my main radio is an FT817ND and I have a HB1B as backup. I operate QRP mainly due to the practicalities - small and light make it easier for me to move around, often find myself using internal antennas so QRO isn't a great idea.

Had been thinking about a PRC320 for a long time, but have decided against it for now as it would mean more equipment to work with 24-28vdc.

Hope to work you guys on the air at some point.



Welcome Dave!

Here is how I deal with charging batteries for the 320.. Right now I can charge 18650 cells with a 14W solar panel, then use four of those to power a  Supernova nicad charger to charge the Clansman batteries. I could also simply charge two 12v gel cell batteries with a larger panel and charge controller..

The RT-320 also has a manual charger to be used with a 1Ah battery. Tedious work but does charge the battery, albeit slowly.



Interesting Gil.

I had thought about getting an empty battery box and installing a 12V LiFePO4 alongside a 12V/24V boost converter to simplify things - 24v for rig, 12v input for charging - but then read that these converters are very noisy, so I decided to stick with the 817!

I'll throw up some pics as I get my setup together for the outdoors - I'm spending a lot of time at the moment trying to figure out how to make it a bit more manpack like, without making it too bulky.


Great thanks. I have a 7S LIPO for the 320 as well.. Looking forward to your photos.


Jim Boswell

Gil, I just wanted to say Thank You. You have a good forum here. Over the years I have learned some and hopefully helped others. 73'S KA5SIW


Thanks Jim! We do have a good community here and I have learned much as well :-) I especially like it when people try stuff and post the results to benefit us all.


Pensioner Prepper

Hi Gil

Have subscribed to your YouTube channel and really like the idea of a Prepper's HF frequency. Practicing morse every day now, I do struggle with it but overall I am sure it is worth the effort.

I am an active member of Uk Raynet in North Anglia and have been for over 10 years.

Basically a homestead sort of Prepper with a small group. We all live in the same little village and have our own Radio UHF network. As we all live within 1/2 km of each other PMR/FRS work well for us.

Best wishes Larry.


Excellent Larry! I don't know the UK Raynet but I participate in the VMARS net on Wednesday nights on 3615...

Welcome aboard :)