PLEASE READ! Welcome to Radio Preppers.

Started by gil, May 09, 2012, 02:11:40 PM

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New to your site Gil. Led here by your great videos. Thanks!


Great thanks, lots of great info here and some very knowledgeable people, great place for discussions!



Hi Gil and co.
Just joined today and would like to say helllo.
Not a radio ham but radio does pay the bills :)


Star Rider


3rd generation ham... not very active.

Retiring in 3 years so starting to delve back into the hobby.


Retirement and ham radio are a good mix. 

My Wife & I saw a plaque a few days ago that said it all:

   -Retirement -
Twice the husband.
  Half the money.

Welcome aboard -
"When we cannot do the good we would, we must be ready to do the good we can."  ~ Matthew Henry



Hi Gil.
Just joined today and would like to say hello.
Still consider myself as a newby, eager to learn more about this hobby.
Preparing myself for my full licence and morse.
Enjoying your YouTube channel(and all the other channels ofcourse.)

73 Robert PD1RWK



Hi OM's

Saw some youtube footage and ended up here :-)
I'm a Dutch HAM, low profile and just getting started with HF. Love to experiment with antenna's, just finishing my uBITX ( took me 1 year ;-) )that would be my first HF transceiver.

73's Alex. pe1rxu
Aan de rand van een afgrond is een stap voorwaarts meestal geen vooruitgang.



Hi Gil,
 New ham here. Name is Lee and I live on the coast of Georgia in the United States. I have always had a fascination with radio in general and after a hurricane scare last year and with all that has been going on this year it made me realize that I need a reliable means of communication not if, but when SHTF. Got my technician license in May and studying for General. There's a small club in the next county over from me and some ARES groups in surrounding cities. I'm glad to find your forum here where ARES and ARRL notions don't prevail. Not that I wouldn't step up and help my community, but that's not the sole reason I got into amateur radio. I have learned a lot from your YouTube channel and one can clearly see that you're different from those other guys on there doing unboxing and merely advertising. I currently have a Yaesu FT-6T5R that was my first radio and with good antennas does way more than I ever expected it to do. For the home I have an Icom IC-2300H that on I regularly talk to folks in South Carolina and Florida up to 150 miles away. Granted, that's through repeaters that are actually that far away. But I'm slowly learning and want to improve my 2 meter capabilities beyond that of repeaters. I don't consider myself a prepper per se, but definitely trying to do the best for myself and family so we can become self sufficient. Anyhow, thanks for the add. You are doing great work here and with your videos. Hope to catch up with some of you all over the air. 7 3 for now,